How much does a Caviness pool cost?

Granted, we do large luxe projects... we have the capability to do some crazy-cool-creative outdoor spaces, some over $2 million dollars.  Most people believe we only do pool projects over $1 million dollars.  But that is not all we do!  We handle projects of EVERY size, and the same level of quality equipment that goes in large projects like the "Pirate Pool" or the "Adventure Miner Pool" goes into the small plunge pool, because we put the Caviness name on each project.  Our talented and experienced team handle almost all aspects of each project in-house, to ensure the quality and integrity of each construction stage.  Most pool builders/companies contract out 90% of their work, and that reduces the capability of overseeing the quality and integrity of that pool.

That being said, the question remains - how much does a Caviness pool cost?  When you actually look and compare our cost to other pool companies, we are very competitive!  You just have to know what to ask and how to compare!  You can't trade in a pool like a lemon of a car.  It's an investment in your home and family time.

Here are some questions to ask a potential pool builder:

How many years have you been in business?  Did you know there is no license in the state of Oklahoma to be a pool builder?  Any person can start up a pool company with no experience whatsoever...  Caviness has been in business over 35 years, and has been building pools for over 26 years.  We have an A+ rating on BBB, 5-star ratings on other review sites, and have received numerous International Awards of Excellence for our peers in the pool industry.  

Can you give me some references, (recent clients as well as clients from the past)?  At Caviness, we'd be happy to give you a list of previous clients for you to contact.  You can also read our reviews on Google, Facebook, Houzz, BBB, and Guild Quality.

What kind of shell do your pools have?  In the state of Oklahoma (with all the earthquakes, soil structure and weather fluctuations) we use the strongest mix of shotcrete.  Some companies use guinite, which is popular in Texas, but not as good for Oklahoma soil conditions.  The thickness of our pool shell is 12" thick, and reinforced with 1/2" steel.  We know some pool companies use guinite or a very weak mix of shotcrete because it's not as expensive, have shells that are anywhere from 6"-9" thick and have 3/8" steel.  There is no regulation by the state of Oklahoma on what pool companies should use.

With all that being said, an average pool of 20' x 40' by Caviness would be anywhere from $78,000-$84,000.  That includes the pool, pool equipment (including heater), stone coping, pool sweep, plaster finish and remote control system.  That is the starting point for many homeowners, who may go on to add a spa, hardscape, landscape, lighting, fire features and/or water features.

If you are ready to take the next step and to have a pool installed, use the above information to educate yourself in what to look for, what to ask and contact us at 405-330-2844 or here to create your dream pool!