The Planning

This pool and landscape design was created to give the client as much of a natural mountain environment possible. They wanted to feel as if they were in an actual cave that was carved out inside a mountain, with some modern additions.

The Design

The man made grotto contains two dry entrances, a bathroom that is accessible from the dry part of the grotto, a television., a swim up bar with sink, refrigerator, ice maker, and dishwasher.

The back side of the cave gives access to a “hidden” outdoor shower that is nestled by a wall that blends in with the cave. The pool allows one to swim into the cave from the deep end, as well as a wall that you can swim under to access the shower area. This pool design also contains a very large beach entry.

The design of this pool, hardscape and landscape gives you the feeling of being in the mountains which is exactly what the client requested.

The Construction

Getting the city to issue a permit for this job was a challenge simply because the city had never encountered a project like this grotto which included the bathroom and full kitchen.

Testimonial from client:

“Caviness Landscape Design built a beautiful pool for my family. I had a great experience with them. Their guys are very talented. I would recommend them to anyone.”