The Planning

This pool design is a unique look for a small backyard. The homeowner had privacy concerns and we created a very secluded feel which is actually in the middle of the neighborhood. With the use of plant material and native Oklahoma boulders and flagstone, this project has a very natural feel which is exactly what the client wanted.

The Design

The pool contains a large beach entry that slopes from the pool entrance down to the natural boulder waterfall. There is a section of the waterfall that steps down as it falls and hits many different rocks. Another section of waterfall is a cascading waterfall. There is also a feature where a rock has been carved out like a bowl and diverts water to flow out of the sides of the rock. Another section of fall does a little bit of both cascading and stepping down. All the aspects of the layout with the waterfall design give a unique look all the way across the water feature.

A large shallow area inlaid with native Oklahoma flagstone gives the homeowner availability to stand under the waterfall.  The pool also contains a swimming area big enough to relax in. The spa has an asymmetrical shape with two waterfalls that spill out into the pool.

Color Kinetics lighting with custom light shows were integrated into the waterfall, spa and pool areas to give a dramatic display in the evenings and different mood settings for the homeowner.

The Construction

The waterfall is created by using only natural boulders and there are several different features throughout the waterfall.

A Jandy remote control system with the Jandy AquaLinks PDA gives the homeowner the convenience of controlling all aspects of the pool and spa with a single remote.